CSI Workshop : Roadmap to Android

With programmers being required to continuously adapt and add to their arsenal of skills, the CSI SPIT committee came up with the perfect idea for their first event of the year. Hosted in association with the Student council, the Road Map to Android workshop offered an interesting discourse on various aspects of android development. The seminar saw attendance from second year students of the computer and IT department.

Mithil Dani, chairperson of the committee, and Tejas Chheda, Technical Secretary of the Student council, took the students through the different types of apps and the approach employed with each. Moving on to the components of app building, the speakers outlined the activities and services available in the field. The students lent their ears in earnest as they learnt about GUI applications, making apps interactive, communication and use of servers. To build on from the workshop, the audience was also told of veritable online sites and courses to learn from.

When asked about their upcoming events, the CSI committee exulted in revealing that the workshop was just the tip of the iceberg, and that the body had many interesting plans lined up for the year. Students can look forward to a CSI week, comprising of events, workshops and fun activities.


“We also expect a lot of two way interaction and workshops this year making things different from the usual mundane We’d like to highlight our focus, our target students; traditionally this

committee is thought only for Computer Branch students but we’d like to remind everyone it’s not so. Any Computer lover/enthusiast is absolutely welcome. Hope to see you all a lot more this year,”

said Siddhesh Pai, Treasurer, CSI