Football Agility, Volleyball and Lagori

If you carry your childhood with you, you never become old.”

    It’s the early 2000s. The day starts with rushing to the playground. Your friends are waiting for you. You play until you hear the familiar sound of your mother calling you for lunch, and then some more play. Time flies. There are no worries. Life’s good.

    Unfortunately, reality snaps back into focus and you’re burdened with the imminent exams, the blandly scheduled days, and no time for yourself. What would you not give to revisit those days? Well, not all is lost. The recently-organized Agility events in the college acted as the perfect window to the past, with several games being arranged for students of all branches, all years.


    Lagori is a game we are all too familiar with. To those of you who were living under a rock and have no idea what this game is about, Lagori involves two teams aiming to knock down a pile of flat stones with a soft ball, and then piecing them back while dodging ball throws from the rival team.

    The event lasted a week. The students participated in teams of seven, playing during the lunch break. People abandoning their lunches and becoming oblivious to the advancing exams just to participate in these games speaks of how successful the event was.

    “It was a nostalgic experience. I felt like I had gone back to my childhood days. In fact, I had more fun this time. I cherished every moment I played.”~Chaitya Shah, F. E. Comps


    Eight teams from across the branches participated in a game of tossing a ball over the net. The teams had practised for days, hours together in the college in preparing for the matches.

    The event lasted a week. The eliminations saw four teams moving up to the semi-finals. The finals were held on Tuesday, October 16, between BE Comps and TE Comps. The match was furious, with none of the teams slipping. Ultimately, BE Comps emerged as the winners.

    It was a great learning curve for me as well as the entire FE COMPS team. It helped us understand our game in a better way. I am really excited to play with the senior team and take my game to the next level”~Darsh Mehta, F. E. Comps.



    This game needs no introduction. Ten teams from across the branches competed in a bid to win the title of the Ultimate Football Champions. The teams sweated from dawn to dusk for days in order to prep themselves for the matches.

    Each match was timed for half an hour. The matches were all fast-paced and rough. The finals were held between TE Comps and FE Comps. The match was extremely riveting, with none of the teams erring. The score was 1-1 at full time and the match went to penalties, where the first years won 7-6 to the third years. F. E. Comps emerged as the winners, bagging a cash price of ₹900, while the runners-up, T. E. Comps, won a cash price of 600.


    Overall, the games were a huge success and proved a break for students from their busy schedules, while also flooding their minds with memories of the life they had become estranged from. As they say, “Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.”

– Muskan, Harsh and Nikhil.

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