We all have those days where we are aimlessly browsing through YouTube, hopping from one video to another. But take a moment to stop, and you will realize that what you watch is merely a fraction of what Youtube has to offer. Youtube is one of the largest platforms today, with 100 hours of videos being uploaded every minute! No matter how hard you try, it is impossible to explore it completely and there will always be something that you would have missed. Now, we aren’t saying we know better, but a fresh perspective often leads to discovery. So without further ado, here are some of our top picks:

Honest Trailers

Everyone can agree that no matter how lacklustre a movie maybe, it’s trailer always makes it look like a total masterpiece. Well, Honest Trailers does just what it says, show the movie for what it really is. Combined with a bunch of snarky comments and smart yet funny observations, it delivers all that you can expect from the movie in a classic trailer narrators voice. Its harsh yet astute criticisms gain favour with the fans and the videos are at its core a funny super short review of the film. Without any spoilers of course!

Honest Trailers:

The Game Theorists/Film Theorists

There are many who tend to overanalyze situations and take mysteries as a challenge, but none have gone so far as MatPat, the creator and voice behind The Game Theorists and The Film Theorists. Taking his love for video games and movies and combining it with his love for analytics, the channel showcases various crazy yet shockingly plausible theories, all brought together using logic and facts. Whether it be shattering the image of our childhood favourite Mario by proving that he is a sociopath or a step by step guide to surviving the Hunger Games, the Theorists have enough material to keep you all interested.

The Game Theorists:

The Film Theorists:

Kurzgesagt-In a Nutshell

The endless plethora of information nowadays leaves most of us baffled and unable to understand all that science and technology has to offer us. “Kurzgesagt” in German means, “said in short”  and this channel focuses on taking complicated topics ranging from science to politics and philosophy and boiling it down to a much more easy to understand form. Making smart use of quirky animations and unique story like narration style, its creativity keeps you engrossed throughout and leaves you wanting to know more. From explaining the Big Bang and its effects to answering more existential questions such as What is Life ?, Kurzgesagt is a perfect match for those who love to seek and wonder.



Missing your daily dose of humour? Well, this channel has got that covered. CollegeHumor is filled with short comedic skits put together by a unique and talented crew dedicated to making you laugh. They showcase a wide range of comedic styles: silly or smart storytelling, movie parodies, and even the occasional self-aware fourth wall breaking video. They often make fun of the daily mundane things we all do and point out the crazy things happening around us. A perfect mix of comedy and truth makes this channel something you really need to watch.


Well, these were just a few YouTube channels that you may have missed. So take some time off from your books and explore a bit more and who knows, maybe you might find something worth your time.

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