Don’t Hug Me. I’m Scared.

Caution: This article is not for the weak-kneed or the thin-skinned.

If you’re into deep, dark stuff or are looking forward to venturing into this area, you’ve reached the right place.

“Don’t Hug Me. I’m Scared.” (or DHIMS) is an animated, psychologically thrilling web series on Youtube created by Becky Sloan and Joseph Pelling, with a hint of comedy. It is a six-episode series with each episode ranging from 4 to 6 minutes each. This might seem like a short time, but these episodes will leave you wondering for years.

The series first aired in 2011, and has since grown to become a cult phenomenon. The twisted plots and hidden messages will surely need a few re-watches to become perceptible for first-timers. In general, the storyline follows a dark narrative about content creation and consumption in today’s modern age of internet and social media.


The main objective of these episodes is to explore well-known concepts such as Time, Technology, Love, Dreams and Creativity with a dark twist. The series has three main characters that look like characters off Sesame Street and the colourful environment is that of a children’s program that creates a clear contrast to the disturbing theme of the show. These characters at times, even break the 4th wall. Each episode takes a turn for the worse as it progressively gets darker and more thought-provoking.

However, the best part about this series is that it is completely open to public interpretation due to which there are a lot of theories surrounding it. The creators have never commented on what the point of an episode or the series is. Also, to feed the geeks out there; all the episodes have a number of easter eggs hidden in them. To start you off, each episode takes place on June 19th as indicated by the calendar on the wall in the scene setting. Can you spot the rest?

In conclusion, if you need a reason to question reality and have a lingering desire of watching gruesome, psycho-thrillers, this is what you’re looking for.

-Sanjana Addagarla, F.E.I.T

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