Oculus: Fun Events

With all the flagship events dominating Oculus, it was time to lighten things up with a mash-up of these fun events. We hope you got to enjoy them as much as we did!


Ever since we saw Joey and Chandler place bets over foosball in F.R.I.E.N.D.S we have been dying to play the game. Human Foosball satisfied this craving of every fan or otherwise with a unique twist: you now played the role of a foosman inside a giant foos table.

Teams consisting of 5 members went leg-to-leg against each other to score the most goals. A roar of cheers could be heard when the YouTube teams the TimeLiners competed against FilterCopy. The organizers were ecstatic. “When participants came to us afterward with wide smiles, asking for another match, that’s when our hard work really paid off.”, said Vinal, from the organizing team.

To keep the waiting teams engaged two side events: back-heel and AIM were kept which also drew sizeable crowds. Over-all the event received a massive footfall of 130+ participants and many more spectators.

-Anjali Kanvinde.


Fun fiesta was a mixed bag of mini-games where you were guaranteed to find one matching your niche.

For the selfie kings and queens, there was Pico-O-Mania, which asked the participants to roam around the campus and click photos with the places in the given clues.

For the die-hard fans, there was Fandom Quiz, where Game of Thrones, Friends, football,Sacred Games and Harry Potter fans could battle for the ultimate prize. The face-off round which required zapping quick answers got the participants on fire!

For the sports people, there was Dizzy Football, where the participants spun around the ball 10 times and then hit the goal. Better said than done!

For the believers of Lady Luck, there was Casino, where each round of roulette and every dealing of blackjack was accompanied with a lot of gasps and cheers as people won and lost virtual money at the table.

Blindfold Pictionary, tested the guessing and drawing skills of the participants, but with their eyes closed!

There were two winners in each mini event and the casino winners took away the cash they won.

-Muskan Sahu


Hogathon, one of the most anticipated events of Oculus was back, with enthusiastic participants from different colleges ready to gorge on food and to take home the title of “the greatest foodie of all”.

For the first round, Domino’s pizza was on the menu, as students discovered new ways of fitting an entire slice in their mouths to beat the clock. The second round was a hysterical sight to see, for the contenders tried to wolf down a pastry and noodles, but with a catch: no hands allowed. The final round was every street food fanatic’s dream: all you can eat Pav Bhaji.

With people cheering on from the sidelines, the finalists tried to do their best to down as many pavs as they could. Dhyneshwar from FE IT emerged the winner by consuming a whopping 24 pavs to beat them all. “The success of Hogathon makes our team happier than anything. To see people scarf down plate after plate was our reward.” , said Shaney Mantri, Organizer.

-Sanjana Addagarla.


The latest addition to the extravaganza of events was the exciting game of Zorbing, which aimed for the entrants to let loose and just have fun. A good break from the heavily competitive events, Zorbing was a game of wrestling, while being inside a zorbing orb, with the goal to be the last man standing, literally.

Students clashed with their friends to win bragging rights, with an added bonus of watching their friends topple and roll over in the giant balls. Vrinda Bhatu from SE IT and Omkar Varudkar from FE ETRX bagged the first place in the girls and boys category respectively.

“The active participation from the students was gratifying, and watching all of them having the time of their lives was what made it fulfilling.” , said Riya Bhagat, Organizer.

-Sanjana Addagarla.


One of the flagship fun events of the fest was the IPL Auction, an interactive game where players in teams of four, were given the chance to put their knowledge of cricket in a battle to win attractive prizes.

It was held on 19th and 20th of January in various slots in the Seminar Hall of the institute, with the grand finale being reserved for the final day. Participants had to install an application on their smartphones which allowed them to take control of the bidding war and put together the team of their dreams in their pursuit of winning the famed IPL Trophy. Each player had a predetermined number of credits assigned to them and the team having the most credits, in the end, was deemed to be the champion. Prizes worth Rs.15000 were given out to various winners.

After hours of bidding, Deepak Yadav, Pravesh Ganwani, Ayush Gosar, and Luv Gupta emerged as the champions. “The participants enjoyed an end to end rip-roaring journey; very close to a real-life auction but with various added fun elements”, Organiser<IPL Auction>.

-Kaustubh V.


While the IPL Auction was taking place, the room next to it was hosting one of the most positively reviewed events, LAN Gaming. The lights were dimmed and RGB colors were allowed to flash all over the room truly encompassing the spirit of competitive gaming. Participants had to compete in some of the most popular games right now, namely FIFA 19, Counter-Strike 1.6 and PUBG.

There were attractive prizes kept ready for all the gamers who emerged victorious after hours of strenuous gaming filled with emotion and excitement. The experience was truly one to be remembered and the gamers were eager to be a part of the event next year as well

-Kaustubh V.,  Sanjana , Muskan & Anjali