The Last Tickle

Comedy Central Night with Biswa Kalyan Rath

So, it was finally time for the Matrix Finale, the finale that everyone was waiting for. It featured performances from a few bands from SONY and Indian Music Lab along with the most-awaited event, standup-comedy featuring Biswa Kalyan Rath.

The event started with bands performing with full energy. Their exhilarating performances with a fusion of different genres got the audience on their toes. From Hindi chartbusters to covering Coldplay, the bands really gave it their all. With snacks and drinks provided to gold and platinum ticket holders, it was made sure that they were stoked for the next performer.

It was finally time for Biswa. He is no stranger to anyone who has taken the slightest of interest in stand-up comedy. And he got a rousing welcome as soon as he set foot on stage. The hundreds present chanted his name in anticipation of the fun that was to follow. And boy did he not disappoint. He had the audience rollicking from the first minute itself. His charm and wit made sure that the people present had the time of their lives. He ensured active audience participation throughout his performance, showcasing his ability to make up jokes on the spot. Rest assured, those in the front rows who were involved had the most fun, some of it at their expense.

Being an engineer himself, he could reciprocate the emotions (read- hard luck) of the students very well, and he made sure he took advantage of the fact, considering most people present still had some years of college left. However, he also brought to our attention two very sensitive and important topics, student suicides and depression. He tried to emphasize the negative impact of depression and encouraged students to seek help if depressed, and also discouraged suicide. A couple of jokes later, Biswa took his leave, with the viewers left wanting for more.

“It was a once in a lifetime experience, organising this event. It was tough, but we finally made sure it was a success. We are thankful to the Student Council and Matrix core committee. It would not have been possible without their immense help. We are happy to hear that our audience was satisfied,” Siddhi Korad, one of the elated event organizers was quoted as saying at the end of the event. However, there was still something in store for them. The MATRIX after-movie. All the committees and organizers who worked hard for the fest to be a success were shown, along with the fruits of their labor, with the hundreds present applauding in support. At the end of the movie was the reveal for UDAAN 2018, drawing cheers from the crowd. This capped off an amazing 2 days of the technical festival of Sardar Patel Institute Of Technology.