An answer to “What to do?”

With our phones not within more than 2 feet (get it?) of us, we are not used to the idleness that this lockdown has brought to us. We are used to being on the move, constantly. So much so that we are always in a rush. We are so occupied by different tasks (just to procrastinate them, obviously) that when we’re asked to take a break, we feel restless and bored! We can’t change the circumstances we are in today, but we can bring a change in our lifestyle to help us stay sane during this lockdown. 

So, here are my suggestions for all the things you can do while being cooped up at home.

Get back into the groove

Do something you used to enjoy before peer pressure caught up to you and made you addicted to Insta(gram)nt validation. Be it reading books, playing instruments, cooking or art and craft. Do something for yourself, by yourself. Remember those days, when the internet didn’t exist? When our whole world was drafted by our imagination. Those days when games meant physical playing, not tapping away at a screen and when our friends were the people we met every day. Well, I can’t speak for you, but those were the best days of my life. Recollecting those memories reminds me of how socially independent we used to be. We’d get a chance to be socially active only when we were physically present with our friends. The rest of the time we would spend, by ourselves. Now that each one of us is alone again, I urge you, think back to your favourite pastime and simply start doing it again. You’ll be surprised by how good it’ll make you feel. (You can thank me later.)

Challenge yourself

Remember that thing you’ve been meaning to try out, well, now is definitely the time for it. I know, there’s so much sleep you need to catch up on. So many shows you’re yet to binge-watch. So many online games to beat your friends at. (I agree, the ego boost is unparalleled.) But, how long will you stay glued to the screen? There’s so much more for you to do, so many things you haven’t tried out yet. The options are endless. You can learn to cook, you can experiment with a new hobby; start reading a book, or try writing one. Start pushing yourself to do something you dislike, who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy it. Break every boundary you’ve set for yourself. As Buzz Lightyear would say, ‘To Infinity and Beyond’, my friend. 

Stay Healthy and Motivated

As great as this list sounds, it’s also imperative to remember, it’s not all fun and games. There’s a pandemic going around. It’s vital to stay healthy. We must avoid leaving our home at all costs and we must maintain immaculate hygiene. Having said that, it’s important to keep your body and mind healthy. Air out your home, open the windows early in the morning and keep your rooms well ventilated. Mens sana in corpore sano– a sound mind in a sound body. Most of us may not be accustomed to exercising frequently, but considering we’re on the brink of becoming couch potatoes, it’s time to get off our behinds and stay fit. We can’t be certain of how much longer we’ll have to maintain such stringent protocol, but it’s our responsibility to abide by the rules. By exercising, we can give ourselves much needed movement, and just destress.

With so much uncertainty about tomorrow, the best we can do is to make the most of today. To end with a clichéd thought: Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present. Let’s try to make the most of the idle time we have today, to help us get more sleep tomorrow (because sleep is a priority). I know your couch/ bed/ whatever you place the weight of your existence on is pretty comfortable right now. But if nobody else’s let Barney Stinson’s words (maybe the next show you are supposed to watch is HIMYM hehe) convince you:

So, what are you waiting for?

-Praharsha Nuti