Open Mic 2022

There couldn’t have been a better kick-off to the annual techno-cultural fest of SPIT. The Open Mic 2022, conducted on 24th March in the SPIT quadrangle was special in ways we’re still processing. The event … Continue reading Open Mic 2022

S.P.I.T MUN 2022

A MUN is an interactive educational activity in which students simulate the workings of the UN or one of its many organs, agencies or affiliated bodies. Students from colleges all over Mumbai researched their assigned … Continue reading S.P.I.T MUN 2022

SPirit 2022

SPirit: The grandest competitive fiesta Bhavan’s campus has witnessed. The academic year of 2021-22 in SPIT saw a variety of introductions, first with the initiation of two new branches, and then with the establishment of … Continue reading SPirit 2022