An answer to “What to do?”

With our phones not within more than 2 feet (get it?) of us, we are not used to the idleness that this lockdown has brought to us. SPark in an honest attempt to cure your boredom, brings you an answer to “what to do?”

Oculus 2020 Coverage

The Photography Team is very pleased to present to you the collection of pictures that were taken during the fest. Please Note: Only spit mails can access the folder. These pictures are only for … Continue reading Oculus 2020 Coverage

An evening to remember

After quite a buildup of anticipation, the newcomers of S.P.I.T. were officially welcomed on 5th October, “Fresher’s 2K18”. S.P.I.T.’s latest entrants were treated to a spectacular evening with dance, music, and fun in abundance.  Freshers’ … Continue reading An evening to remember

Treasure Hunt.

Excited first years made their way around the campus chasing clue after clue in what came to be the first event in their welcoming. Organised by FACE along with CSI, the treasure hunt witnessed a … Continue reading Treasure Hunt.