5 Haikus on trending topics

Once you understand the 5-7-5 structure of the Haiku, it can be pretty fun to play around with it and construct a three-line observation.

Hawk-Eye in Tennis

How the technology has revolutionized the sport in recent years “Line officials probably have as much future as newspapers” Scoring in tennis is based on accuracy of the shot among other factors such as topspin, … Continue reading Hawk-Eye in Tennis

Open Mic 2019

On 16th January,the stage was all set and the amphitheater was buzzing with excitement for Open mic 2019. The crowd witnessed various acts from students from colleges all over Mumbai. The sunset, the pristine view … Continue reading Open Mic 2019

AYNTKA: Mutual Funds

You might have heard about the buzz of Mutual Funds (MF) and how they’re gaining in popularity.  In fact, Livemint, an Indian financial daily newspaper, reported that MFs garnered more than ₹7000 crore via SIPs in … Continue reading AYNTKA: Mutual Funds