Blood donation drive

The Rotaract club is known for their annual blood donation drive. Like every year past, the rotaract club had arranged one this year on 26th March 2019. “There is no greater joy than saving a soul, and you never know ; Today’s donor can be tomorrow’s recipient.”Urvee Chaudhari, the Chairperson of the Rotaract Club of SPIT

The hospital that conducted the drive was the Brahma Kumari Hospital, Andheri which is a Rotary Blood Bank.

The conference room was transformed into a miniature hospital like setup. Sanitization to the ‘T’ and it’s not-so-appealing smell made sure of the good hygiene conditions. This drive had been setup pretty last minute because of need for blood.The scores of donors proved once again that we as the youth of our country are well aware of our responsibilities towards the society. Some nervous, some excited but all brave. Only the people who fulfilled the basic criteria were allowed to donate though, because one should always take care of oneself before helping others.

The drive started at nine o’clock in the morning. Once the setup was done the first donors started filing in. Vails of different blood groups started filling up. Over a span of of six hours 100 donors donated their blood. Students from not just SPIT but also Bhavan’s and NCC came and contributed to the good work. Some of the donations,more than ever before, came from our teaching and non-teaching staff.

The blood that was collected that day will be used by several needy patients at the Brahma Kumari Hospital. According to the hospital staff a large part of the blood will be used to fulfill the needs of Thalasemia patients.

“ Your blood is precious. Donate and make it Divine” Jay Mehta, one of the many donors

– Ojasa Chitre.