From experience, humans have learnt that nature is the first place to look for a solution when stuck in a problem. The processes and designs which work seamlessly in nature should work for artificial systems … Continue reading Bionics

Zero-knowledge Proof

  So…What exactly is zero-knowledge proof? Zero knowledge proof or ZKP is a concept in cryptography that aims to reduce the sensitive knowledge shared between two parties. In crude terms, it could mean that if … Continue reading Zero-knowledge Proof

Hawk-Eye in Tennis

How the technology has revolutionized the sport in recent years “Line officials probably have as much future as newspapers” Scoring in tennis is based on accuracy of the shot among other factors such as topspin, … Continue reading Hawk-Eye in Tennis

Geekonic: Cosmology

Cosmology is the study of the universe. When we consider cosmology, we consider all the aspects of the universe, namely the past, the present and the future. In essence, cosmology deals with the origin, evolution … Continue reading Geekonic: Cosmology