Garba Night 2017

As people across the country celebrated the 9 days of Navratri with full fanfare, the Student Council of SPIT too organized a glorious Garba night. The fun and frolic event of Garba night commenced in the presence of around 200 people at around 6:00 pm on 25th September. The SPIT quadrangle witnessed a joyous Garba night. It saw all the SPITians letting their hair down in the electrifying atmosphere. The zeal was contagious as the DJ’s tunes pumped up the energy level.

SPITians dressed traditionally swirled on the melodious tunes of Garba music. They were seen flaunting the best of their festive attire soaked in the spirit of Navratri. With everyone dressed so elegantly, selfies were must. Girls were seen striking beautiful poses with their ghagra. The boys were not far behind, as they had some crazy poses in store. For the final years, it proved to be an emotional moment and they made sure they captured every moment on their camera.

The Garba night also proved to be a platform for interaction between the first years and seniors. The night proved to be an opportunity for first years and seniors to mingle with one another. As the night progressed, everyone swayed together as one SPIT family. The beautiful quadrangle, and the glorious lighting added to the festive mood. A fusion of genres, Bollywood tracks with traditional Garba music made the evening even more special. Along with Garba, SPITians enjoyed doing their all-time favorite Bollywood moves. Even the non-dancers put their best foot forward and enjoyed the Garba music. being the Garba Night of SPIT, one could clearly see the creativity and inventiveness in the dance moves.

The celebrations served as a medium of interaction between cultures, reminding the students of the beauty and richness of Indian diversity.  “Students attended the event in larger numbers than anticipated. Music and lighting were great. It was one memorable night” Anushka Iyer, Ladies representative of Student Council. The joy and contentment on the student’s faces defined the success of the event.