Rotaract T-shirt Painting

On the 14th of this Diwali month, S.P.I.T. celebrated the ‘festival of colors’ with Rotaract club of S.P.I.T. arranging the T-shirt painting event for a social cause. It was the perfect way to drive away Monday blues and decompress with help of colors and the company of your friends. Students from all years welcomed this event with great enthusiasm. The quadrangle witnessed around 150 students in teams of four exuberantly unleashing the artist within them.

The Rotaract club arranged and managed the event flawlessly. From arranging the paints, setting up the Quadrangle for the event and helping in the distribution of material, the team’s meticulous efforts paid off successfully which was evident by the participating teams’ reactions. 

The teams started off with a t-shirt, a few colours and brushes, and full of inspiration. The event was aimed at bringing out the artistic capabilities of the students and provide them with a much needed refreshing breather from their hectic schedules. From thought-provoking quotes to vibrant patterns and beautiful designs, the event had it all. The vibe, as the event progressed, was cheerful as the participants laughed and enjoyed and poured out their creativity to bring out the best designs. The joy on their faces was perfectly mirrored in the t-shirts they painted. 

What a noble initiative taken up by the Rotaract club to help the underprivileged and make this Diwali joyous for all of us.

Khushi Patni, FE EXTC

These innovatively designed t shirts by the students will be distributed to underprivileged kids over Mumbai through various NGOs. 

Students participated with great vigor as the event supported a great cause. The easy SEVA hour for their participation attracted a lot of SEs and TEs.

Atharva Malhar, Secretary of the Rotaract Club of SPIT

This effort proved to be a huge success in providing a refreshment for their minds and igniting a spark of happiness within the less fortunate during the upcoming festival of lights!

Report by: Garima Gupta

Photography by: Jahnvi Shah