8 Ways To Live More Sustainably

In today’s world of crisis, the light to guide us through this dark tunnel of climate change and global warming is sustainability. 

Why is sustainability the need of the hour?

Well, in case you didn’t notice, the world’s on fire. Temperatures are rapidly reaching new heights (which is so not cool). In India, Chennai is going through a drought while just a few degrees west, Kerala is knee-deep in water. 

To put it in short, Mother Nature is pissed.

It is our responsibility, being the inhabitants of this world, and also the very ones who have created this path of destruction, to remedy it. It is time, to give a hoot about our future.

We here at SPark are all about that good environmental practices, and I’m not talking about those SEVA hours we’re all running after. I’m referring to those small changes that you can make to help those cute sea turtles. And whales. And dogs. And cats. And humans. 

These are a few ways to help integrate sustainability in our lives through small steps: 

  • Stop single-use plastic consumption .

If you still buy plastic bags every time you get groceries, wake up. It’s 2019 already. Start carrying your own cloth/jute bags to stores and refuse plastic!

  • Opt for paperless bills.

Whether it be electricity, gas or phone bills, choose to go green and receive bills via email. Get e-tickets for movies and flights.

  • Recycle.

Everyone’s heard the age-old reduce-reuse-recycle, but have we acted upon it? It is our responsibility to make sure our waste is reaching recycling plants and is getting recycled. Find out where the waste from your housing society is ending up.


  • Support brands that are cruelty-free and environmentally friendly.

Even though there are a multitude of options available, this is a huge market that has untapped potential and room for immense growth.

  • Before a big exam, cut back on snack waste.

Try buying items in bulk to reduce packaging waste.

  • Try gardening.

Gardening has been proven scientifically to be calming and therapeutic for students and in turn, it helps mother earth!

  • Be a smart shopper.

Avoid purchasing products that individually wrap and use excessive packaging. Purchase items with longevity in mind. Even if a little more expensive, it is better than the waste involved in buying cheaper items that constantly need to be replaced.

  • Finally, VOTE.

Only when you vote for responsible leaders who understand the gravity of the situation, change can reflect on a national and global level.

The next time you order food off Zomato, tick that “don’t send cutlery” box and embark on this journey of positive change.

In the words of the famous and beloved Michael Jackson,

“Make that change.”