Teachers’ Day Celebration

The world is a convoluted place. Bringing about positive change is one of the biggest dreams for humanity. While some feel monetary or political power are essential in this pursuit, they tend to forget that the most powerful people responsible to harbor this constructive change are teachers, who inspire hope, ignite imagination and instill in us the love for learning. We Indians have always understood the importance of a Guru who helps us develop into wholesome individuals who contribute to the advancement of society. In keeping with tradition, the Students’ Council organized a fun event for all the professors to unwind after a hectic day at the office, an effort to acknowledge their priceless contributions to our lives.

While Teachers’ Day is celebrated on the 5th of September, heavy rains in the city caused mass confusion and ultimately the event was postponed to the 11th. All professors were requested to be present in room 008 at 4 PM after all lectures were wrapped up. However, the celebrations began early as every departmental committee organized snacks and fun events for the professors during the lunch break.

A personalized invitation was handed to the professors which included words of gratitude. The event began with a welcome song followed by a zealous dance and music performance by Mudra. The General Secretary then gave a small speech welcoming all the professors and expressed her gratitude for their continued support. When the fun events started, it was revealed to the professors that they had been assigned teams based on their seating arrangement and it was time to play ‘Rhythmic Bingo’. The teams were given names of famous sweets from different parts of the country like ‘Agra ka Petha’ and ‘Barielly ki Barfi’.

The game included various rounds wherein the participants had to guess and sing Bollywood songs based on emojis or tunes of famous international songs or their literal English translations. One could witness intense childlike competitiveness between the various teams as they competed to achieve glory, revealing the fun side of the professors we rarely get to see in lectures. It goes on to show us that all adults are children who just happen to learn discipline along the way. In the end, everyone gathered in the middle of the room to cut the huge, delicious cake ordered exclusively for the event, after which the dance floor was opened for all of them to let loose and dance their hearts out.

“I thank the Students’ Council for organising such a fun event for all the professors. It showed us that our students really love us and inspires us to go even further in helping them achieve their goals.”

Dr.Kalbande, Head of the Computer Engineering Department.