The Pitching Competition

One of the most interesting events organized by E-Cell, S.P.I.T. was witnessed by everyone on 20th December 2020, on the virtual platform of Google Meet – The Pitching Competition. The event had groups of participants from all classes and colleges, with their innovative products, which were based on the topics they were given beforehand.

Initially, in the event, participants were made aware of all the rules which were followed throughout. The faculty members involved were Prof. Varsha Hole from IT department and Prof. Anand Mane from EXTC department. Judges were welcomed and introduced to all; Prof. Kaiser Katchi, S.P.I.T alumni Anukrit Jain and Hussain Bhinderwala.

Within that limited time, 90 seconds, given to the participants, they had to present their product and tell about the flaws it corrects, also in what way it beats the market for other similar products. After this pitching, judges were involved in a query session with the participants, which was a test for the product. The audience got to hear some innovative and creative ideas and answers throughout the process. Based on those answers and the presentation skills, participants were judged and marked as well, which contributed to the final result. Participants were asked to join the meet one after another, sequentially as per the announcements made by the host. Some topics given included how to stop the increasing rate of child marriages in Madhya Pradesh?, Effective mask for prevention of pandemic virus, and a better network of ration providing stores.

In the leg of the event, marks were compiled and results were declared. First prize was bagged by Atharve Gujar and Aaryan Bihani of Christ University, Runners up were Samveg Shah and Ishika Raghuvanshi from S.P.I.T and the third prize was given to Manthan Juthani and Jash Jain, again from S.P.I.T, cash prizes being 1500 rupees, 1000 rupees and 500 rupees respectively. The host, Chinmayi Rane, then proposed a vote of thanks to everyone who had been witnessing the event and hence called it a day.