What To Do When You’re Doing Nothing

“Doing nothing often leads to the very best of something. ~Winnie the Pooh”

It’s satisfying and addictive, doing nothing, and then having a good night’s sleep knowing you’ve had an absolutely productive day. Having said this, there are times when you overdo it (or don’t) and regret it so that you wish things could be undone (or done). So, without further ado, here’s a list of things you could do when you’re not busy doing nothing.

Learn an instrument:
Everybody loves music. We’ve all got the worm humming persistently in our brains, and who knows better than us that art of beating benches in perfect sync to create amazing music pieces? Well, it’s time to step it up. Head to the nearest Furtados and pick up a guitar or a cello and start strumming!

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Prank someone:
This is a no-brainer. Bored during lectures? Stick a post-it note on your friend. Frustrated with a colleague? Sign them up for a mailing list. 2 a.m. and you’re still awake? Prank call someone. Ridiculously simple ideas, but they work every time. Minimum effort, maximum fun.

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Plot a murder:

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We’ve all seen or read a murder mystery. The story, the build-up, and the final reveal— how could you not have thought he was the killer? Well, it’s time to plot your own. Choose your victim. Think of your means. Knife? Poison? Or an elaborately staged accident? How would you dispose of the body? Cremate it? Bury it? Feed it to the dogs (visit a psychiatrist please). Next— a strong alibi. Where were you? Probably at your friend’s. Lastly, a convincing story— the butler did it. Work at it till all the pieces fit together with a satisfying click. Then throw the idea out of your mind.

Create a language:
This one’s for all the Tolkien and Martin fans out there. Ever wanted to write a fantasy series as intricate and richly detailed as The Lord of the Rings? Or just wished to diss that annoying, always-stick-around guy? Get a piece of paper and pen and start writing. Start small— draw weird symbols and call them alphabets. Give them sound. Then throw them together and see if you can speak them. Establish your own grammar. Work on it every day. Practise speaking and writing it. Teach your friends. Then diss. Pretty time-consuming, but fun all the same.


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Remember when you were younger and monkeying about the house was your thing? Well, it’s time you level up. There are plenty of courses that offer professional training and equipment to those interested in the sport. The thrill of jumping off buildings, climbing walls and swinging from poles is something you need to experience first hand to really enjoy it, but once you’re into it, you can’t not do it. Plus there’s all the health benefits.

Walk away:
Most people don’t really know their neighbourhood as well as they should, despite having lived there all their lives. Grab a bag, pack some essentials, and get walking. Don’t think of a destination. Go where the path takes you. Try that fancy new restaurant. Chill at the park. Discover the locality. Think about your day. Was it memorable enough? Was it fun? Have that alone time that you so desperately need. Walk away from your normal life. Breathe.

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