Women’s Week Celebrations

“I’m a woman, Phenomenally. A phenomenal woman, That’s me.”

This year the universal women’s week witnessed some really exciting events in S.P.I.T. organized by the WIE-WDC committee of our college.

The committee members in assistance with Kashish Mandani, the Ladies Representative of the student council and Dr Aarti Karande, the student coordinator of the committee had a fun-packed week planned for the faculty and students. Aesthetic decorations at the entrance, posters of renowned female celebrities and a photo booth set-up enhanced the spirit of the celebration.

The week’s festivity commenced on 11th March as the committee members danced to an inaugural flashmob performance choreographed by Siddhesh Sonawane and Apoorva Chaudhari from TE Computers. This was followed by a ribbon-cutting ceremony by Rita Das Ma’am. The photo booth with its catchy props attracted many students who uploaded pictures tagging the committee’s Instagram handle and were given chocolates by the committee members to express their gratitude. Professors from all the departments participated in a tug of war match organized for them and were given chocolates as a vote of appreciation. Chocolates were also distributed among the non-teaching staff. The happiness around was a clear manifestation of the committee’s efforts being paid off.

Next in line was a story-writing competition named #beingawomanengineer wherein the participants were asked to share inspiring stories. The best among them, written by Leena Shinde from TE Computers was selected and posted on the official social media handles of the committee and is to be felicitated with a certificate and interesting prizes.

“In this era of women empowerment, I am proud to be a part of a women’s committee which encourages women in the field of STEM. Celebrating International women’s week and womanhood helped us give a tribute to all the phenomenal women out there.” , said Vinal Bagaria, the Chairperson of WIE-IEEE SPIT.

Owing to the sudden and saddening worldwide outbreak of the novel coronavirus Covid-19, as a precautionary measure, all college activities have been suspended. Though this may have halted and changed the plans of the committee it hasn’t dampened their spirit at all! The organizers have arranged for a guest talk once the college reopens. Thus, despite the unexpected detour, the spark within organizers is still ablaze to conclude the event in its entirety.