Oculus 2021: Pre Events


CSI S.P.I.T. organized the SPIT Hackathon as one of the pre-events of Oculus, the Annual Techno-Cultural Fest of S.P.I.T. However, in view of the pandemic, this year it was organized virtually. Nevertheless, the event encompassed participation from an impressive 200 teams from all across the country, out of which 65 teams were selected for the Hackathon after a tough shortlisting round. The 24hr Hackathon was held on 13th and 14th February 2021.

The Hackathon was conducted on AirMeet and communication with all the participants was done through WhatsApp groups and Discord channels. On the evening of 12th February, the problem statements along with the preference form were released. Based on the availability, the teams were allotted different problem statements. The opening ceremony commenced at 8:30 am the next morning with a warm welcome to the participants by Mr Rishi Kaul, the Vice-Chairperson of CSI S.P.I.T. Thereafter, the audience witnessed an insightful oration by Prof Y S Rao, the Vice Principal of S.P.I.T. This was followed by an edifying and inspirational speech by Mr Priyadarshan Patil, the COO of Neebal Technologies. The opening ceremony was concluded by Ms Sarika Singh, the Chairperson of CSI S.P.I.T. with a welcome speech.

The problem statement allotment was revealed at 9:30 am and the coding round began at 10:00 am. The CSI S.P.I.T. team was available on all communication platforms, to help the participants with any kind of query. Two mentor rounds were held during which professionals from Neebal Technologies provided extensive counselling to the participants along with doubt-solving sessions.
After an enervating 24-hr coding round which came to an end on 14th February, the participants uploaded all of their source code on GitLab. Then began the first round of assessment which comprised of demonstration of the products by the teams followed by a Q&A session. Out of the 65 teams, 13 teams made it to the second round, where all the teams presented their solution in front of a panel of judges. After a rivalrous round of presentations, at 8:00 pm on 14th February, the winners of the Hackathon were declared. Team Kepler-452b bagged first place in the Hackathon. The top 3 winners were awarded cash prizes along with goodies provided by Devfolio and GiveMyCertificate and Certification Vouchers from Sybgen Inc.


The SE ETRX students of Sardar Patel Institute of Technology came up with a brilliant event idea for Oculus pre-event named Short Circuit Designathon this year, which took place on 6th and 7th March, 2021. There was massive participation by students all over India.
The problem statement was uploaded a day prior to the competition, and it really tested every student’s knowledge. The best thing about the competition was that it gave a platform to learn about the new aspects of a circuit. The part that pumped up the event was “The Auction of Components” round. Students were bidding to acquire the components in order to complete the circuit, and seeing the worth of each component going up gave a major adrenaline rush.

After the intense rounds of discussion, auction, planning, and building of the circuit, the judgment round took place. The judging panel had on board Dr. Surendra Singh Rathod and Prof. Prashant Kasambe. The duo of Mr Manas Pange and Mr Aksharan Ganeshan bagged the first position. Mr Prabhat Kumar and Mr Varun Kamath were awarded the second position and Mr Aditya Kulkarni the third prize. The first and the second prize winners got an incredible internship opportunity offered by Infigon, which is one of the emerging companies in the counselling industry.

“Bringing fun into such a tech event was really a hard sweep for the entire organizing team, but nevertheless all the efforts and sleepless nights made it all happen.” –Pujan, SE ETRX

-A report by Nikita Joby and Oindrella Ghosh