Oculus 2022 – Pronites

War of Branches

Dance is the hidden language of the soul. It’s a poem in which each movement is a word, a way to express and enjoy the human spirit. During the evening of the 26th of march, SPIT witnessed one of the most awaited dance competitions of the year – the War Of Branches. With passionate and expert judges such as Sawan sir and Vrushaali ma’am, the event kicked off. The swarming crowd that had gathered in the quadrangle of SPIT displayed the excitement and enthusiasm of the audience towards the dancers of their branch and were eagerly waiting for their branches to put their best talent forward. The students from all the five departments were prepared and at their best.

The first to perform was the branch of ETRX. Their dance set the stage on fire with their powerful performance. The participants left everyone awe-struck with their moves on the melodious beats of the songs to which they danced so effortlessly.
The second was the team of MCA. They captured the crowd’s attention with their amazing moves while being adorned in colourful costumes which attracted the entire audience.
Following MCA, the next team to perform was COMPS. Their performance was spectacular. They had the crowd paying rapt attention to their dances. The eye-catching performances of Siddesh Sonawane and his company were mesmerising. Their vigour resonated with the audience, leaving the crowd speechless.

Next in line was EXTC, the most energetic team of all putting forth their best performance to get a shot at winning the WOB. The audience’s excitement went high as soon as they started dancing in sync with the tune of the instruments being played in the music.
The final branch to perform was IT. Nikhil Motwani won everyone’s hearts with his outstanding moves and flexible steps. With a little bit of drama, a little romance, and a lot of enthusiasm, the dancers concluded their vibrant performance. The cheers of the crowd echoed the energy of their performance.
War of Branches has been established as a legacy in SPIT. It is always great to see the zeal in the participants and the large crowd that lightens the lamps in the evening. The event was a fusion of talent, imagination, creativity, and alertness. Once the performances were over, the judges declared COMPS the winner of the War of Branches.

-A report by Sakshi Bisen

Zaeden Concert

What better way to wind down the flagship event of our prestigious college than having a world-famous artist come and perform on our very own campus!  Oculus S.P.I.T., in collaboration with Zaeden, hosted one of the grandest musical serenades on the night of 27th March 2022. The S.P.I.T. quadrangle was filled with young, enthusiastic students who gathered in big numbers since early in the evening to catch a glimpse of the newest upcoming talent in India.

Entry was given around 8 PM post-security checks. Within no time, the quad was packed with the audience. Zaeden came out to a nearly deafening roar! From “Tere Bina” to“Socha na tha” and from “Kya Karoon” to covers of songs by foreign artists like Lauv and Justin Bieber, the crowd hummed and repeated all the songs after him! A lucky superfan wearing Zaeden’s exclusive merchandise even got a chance to share the stage with him, and she was enthralled. Aashna Hegde further escalated the mood by making a short appearance in one of Zaeden’s songs. The event went smoothly, thanks to the core and subcommittee members handling the barricade and the very excited crowd.

-A report by Heramb Haridas

DJ Night-Kryso

26th March 2022 – the night of which became one of the most colourful and vibrant memories of the degree college life of more than 700 students with an enthralling atmosphere created by harmonious song remixes by Kryso, a blooming music producer and DJ.

The Pronite had the audience waiting in long queues before entering the S.P.I.T. quadrangle at 8:00 PM. The DJ adorned the stage at 8:25 PM set to light the night up with his sharp DJing skills. His remixes of songs from both Bollywood and the Western Music Industry had the crowd dancing, grooving, and singing whole-heartedly. The light effects added to the spectacular night!

One of the students, Shreyas, was quoted as saying, “The songs were chosen and mixed by him aptly. The organizing committee of Oculus was fantastic and very cooperative and organized the event in a great way for everyone.”

DJ Night 2022 was like a full-on party with your most fun friends with energetic strangers joining your dance circle only to add to the enjoyment.

-A report by Rupali Sawale