The Oculus 2020 Concert Nights

The Sunburn Campus

What better way to escape the monotonous atmosphere of an engineering college than to attend a music concert? And if you are a true electronic dance lover and vibing to great music is your thing, then a Sunburn event is the perfect place for you to be.

S.P.I.T., in association with Sunburn, hosted the Electronic artist TNO, in the S.P.I.T. quadrangle on the first of the Concert Nights, 7th February, Wednesday. The event was a huge success as the crowd consisting of students from many colleges grooved to the beats. Above all, the students loved the music with some going so far as to say that this was a better experience than many discos and clubs they had visited.

Red Bull Spotlight ft. The Gully Gang Showcase

For the second Concert Night of Oculus, Red Bull conducted its Red Bull Spotlight Mumbai Qualifiers, a hip hop rapping competition in the college. Members of Mumbai’s most popular rapping group Gully Gang judged the performers. This event saw huge numbers turning up. Fans of hip hop along with rap-lovers assembled to admire their idols and to learn some skills for their practice.

An event in association with India’s finest and biggest hip hop community, it truly set Oculus 2020 apart.


“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”

Martha Graham

One of the most awaited events of S.P.I.T.’s annual techno-cultural fest, Oculus, that bring this expression to life is “War of Branches”, a dance competition between the branches of the college. 

War of Branches was preceded by “Aelaan e Jang”, which is the intercollege dance competition.

I.T., Computers, ETRX and EXTC were the branches that took part in the competition. Every participating team left no stones unturned in their preparation. From the choice of songs and costumes to the brilliant choreography, everything was tuned to perfection. The judges announced that the Computer department had won the competition along with ExTC bagging the second prize. However, dance has hardly ever been about the trophies.

An art form that builds team spirit and instils a sense of enthusiasm and fervour leaving the audience enthralled. Each and every performance received a thunderous round of applause from the audience.

The team of Oculus did a commendable job in organizing the event, ensuring that it went along smoothly. 

By Manan Savla, Vedant Gaonkar, and Shashank Gupta

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