SPoorthi Inauguration and Speaker sessions

SPoorthi 2020, the SPIT sports extravaganza, took off with its invigorating keynote speaker series on 13th January. Featuring prominent achievers and personalities to inspire the budding sports-persons in the college, the event was successful in driving away Monday morning blues for all. Beginning the session with a modern lamp lighting ceremony by the staff and the honoured guests present, the institute’s sports festival was given an official start. The first speaker in the series was Dr. Vijay D Y Patil, president of Mumbai cricket association who spoke about his experience as a cricket enthusiast and encouraged students to work with dedication and positive spirit to accomplish their goals, be it in the field of sports or entrepreneurship.

Mr. Sunil Shetty and Mrs. Sangeeta Shetty then instilled the spirits of fitness, determination, courage, passion and hardwork in the minds of all the students. Both of them, having started ultra running at an age when people complain of a number of aches in their bodies, can leave anyone spellbound at the feats they have achieved in ultra running.

Mr. Dinesh Lad, a passionate cricket coach, having provided us with some titans of Indian cricket such as Rohit Sharma and Shardul Thakur, then inspired the attendees with several anecdotes of his teaching career in cricket, along with a few instances of a humble background after which he entered the cricketing world. Despite having coached some incredible talents and leading them into the national cricket team, he remains a down-to-earth person and is an epitome of a true ‘guru’.

“The event was very well managed by the Sports Committee and the Rotract Club. The speakers instilled in the students a sense of responsibility and passion towards their goals. It was a very successful and fruitful session.”

– Krisha Choksi, Sports Secretary

A new spark was thus lightened within the crowd to embark on the exhilarating sports festival with heightened enthusiasm.