The ESA Cup was conducted by the Electronics Students Association (ESA). The competition was conducted from 30th October in multiple stages. It consisted of parallel running competitions for Futsal (four-a-side football), Badminton and Box Cricket. … Continue reading ESA CUP

Agility (Indoor)

“Some people think that if your opponent plays a beautiful game then it’s okay to lose. I don’t. You have to be merciless.”   -Magnus Carlsen, Chess Grandmaster.  ‘Agility’, SPIT’s premier inter-departmental sports event,  is … Continue reading Agility (Indoor)

Techrace 2k19

Techrace 2019, held on October 13, was an engaging, exciting and energetic event providing a powerpacked kick-off to the build up of Oculus. This event provided the perfect platform to amalgamate brain power with wanderlust … Continue reading Techrace 2k19

Agility (Outdoor)

Never say never because limits, like fear, are often just an illusion. Michael Jordan Agility 2019, the dent of the conflict among the five branches of S.P.I.T., started on the 30th of September. A cord … Continue reading Agility (Outdoor)