Fresher’s Night 2022

Absolutely mind-boggling, insane and electrifying atmosphere is probably the best one-liner to describe the Fresher’s Night 2022.  To commemorate the first step of the FEs in the prestigious institute of S.P.I.T, the Students’ Council organized … Continue reading Fresher’s Night 2022

Techrace 2022

TechRace 2022 was conducted on 20th February, with over 130 teams participating in the event. Being the first offline event our First-year students attended there was a certain air of excitement and enthusiasm surrounding it. … Continue reading Techrace 2022


For the first time, due to the influx of new branches in the first years, ESA and ACSES in collaboration with IIC conducted the ICE cup for the branches IT, ETRX, Data Science, and AI/ML. … Continue reading ICE Cup

Jamais vu

Have you ever said a word out loud over and over again until it felt as if it just didn’t exist anymore? If not, take a moment and read the word ‘bottle’ ten times. Doesn’t … Continue reading Jamais vu