SIH Preliminary events

SIH orientation 3rd Jan

On 3rd January 2020, the IIC organised an orientation programme with the purpose of enlightening the young minds of Sardar Patel Institute of Technology about the Smart India Hackathon (SIH), an annual event held by MHRD’s Innovation Cell. This panel discussion consisted of previous year’s winners as the panelist.

A brief idea concerning how to approach the problems, how to ensure that the method chosen for debugging is the optimal method as well as how familiar one should be with the concepts in order to participate was provided by previous participants and winners. The flow of the competition was later discussed in detail. Along with this, a briefing was held to
make the attendees understand the various roles one can play in a team participating in the SIH. The idea that each team member must be flexible in handling every role, irrespective of the role allocated to that particular member was made very clear. It was also stated that a clear mindset and sound time management skills would prove to play a vital role during the SIH.

Finally, the role of a mentor at the SIH was explained. It was said that the participating team can choose their own mentor who’ll advise them and provide feedback wherever necessary.

sih panel discussion

Presentations for Internal Hackathon

The first screening of the Smart India Hackathon 2020 was held on 8th January which saw the participation of myriads of teams. The participants, ranging from the first-year students right up to the final year students, were to choose from over 240+ problem statements, the solutions to which had to be concocted by them.

Every problem statement was related to anomalies that actually existed in various walks of life in the country. The participants were tasked with suggesting a solution to get rid of these anomalies. Based on how ethical and viable the suggested solution was, 25 teams, were to be shortlisted for the software edition and the hardware edition of the SIH internal Hackathon that took place on 17th January 2020. 

The judges provided the participants with constructive criticism which further helped them in bolstering their ideas. According to the judges, most of the teams were very clear with the concepts and suggested some insightful ideas but there arose an issue when it came to accurately understanding the problem statements provided to the teams. 

The number of teams participating in the screening drastically increased as compared to the previous years. The enthusiasm of the students eager to participate in the Smart India Hackathon made the screening a huge success. 

Internal Hackathon

sih mentoring

On 17th January 2020, the final round of the selection procedure for the Smart India Hackathon 2020 was conducted. The 25 teams shortlisted through the screening (held on the 8th of January) appeared for a Hackathon held within the college premises. 

The final selection round proved to be quite challenging, providing the participants with puzzling problems that tested their versatility. When asked about their experience, most of the participants commonly remarked that the Hackathon not only tested their ability to code but also their adaptiveness, time management skills and their ability to comprehend the problems that were chosen by them. 

sih judge

Out of the 25 teams that were shortlisted, 7 teams were selected from our institute that would appear for the Smart India Hackathon. 5 of these 7 teams were selected for the software edition whereas the remaining 2 teams were selected for the hardware edition of the Hackathon.

The teams that were selected for the software edition are:

Recursive Redemption: Devansh Shah, Nikhil Jagtap, Palak Davda, Monil Dand, Rishita Gupta, Prathamesh Talekar;

nobodyKeras: Garima Kaushik, Aditi Kandoi, Abhishek Revadekar, Harsh Agarawal, Bhavya Ahir, Shaney Mantri;

BackPropg+2: Tania Rajbally, Sarah Gawde, Shreya Oak, Arnab Ghorai, Jinang Gandhi, Jeet Mishra;

CodeMonks: Romit Kankaria, Somil Jain, Aman Agrawal, Anisha Gharat, Tejashri Wagh, Sahil Sheth;

Hacking bad: Anjali Kanvinde, Shruti Rampure, Tanvi Dhope, Muskan Sahu, Mahesh Tamse, Pranab Chitale for the software edition.

The teams selected for the hardware edition are,

Kmap: Manish Dsilva, Kimaya Desai, Puritan Mane, Amogh Zare, Parth Shingala, Ayesha Pendse ;

Emerge X: Vedant Kumar, Siddhant Kumar, L Sreekar, Partik Pai, Pradhuman Singh, Shivani Nimbre.

Four other teams have also been put on a waitlist. The teams will now submit their ideas on behalf of S.P.I.T. and await acceptance. The waitlisted teams also stand a chance to be accepted. Wishing the very best to all teams!

SC – Ojasa Chitre
JC – Sumeet Haldipur