Spoorthi – Outdoor 2


The inter-college Kabaddi tournament was organized on the 18th of January 2020. With participation from over sixteen colleges from all over the city, it was held in a direct knockouts format. Spectacular raids, fearless tackles and a flawless display of fine dodging techniques like kicks and speedy footwork left the spectators amazed. The matches witnessed impressive efforts by the players to dodge the defenders and prevent the raiders from crossing the middle-line. Pumped with energy, a passionate chant of the words “kabaddi, kabaddi” reverberated from the crowd. Atharva College of Engineering, Malad emerged as the champion while Viva College of Engineering, Virar was the runner-up.


The football tournament was one of the highlights of Spoorthi. Organized over a span of three days from the 18th to the 20th of January, fifteen enthusiastic teams from various colleges in Mumbai participated in the league. A nail-biting finale took place between the teams of SPIT and RAIT. The principal of SPIT, Dr Y.S.Rao had himself come to enjoy the game. Both the teams put their best foot forward and in an intense penalty shootout, RAIT emerged victorious, winning by a score of 5-4 points.

Turf Cricket

Another flagship event of Spoorthi, turf cricket, was organised on the 18th of January 2020. There were 8 participating teams of 10 players each. The matches saw incredible performances by the batsmen with a wide range of daunting lofts and classy cover drives for fours and maximums. The bowlers bowled their hearts out to outwit the batsmen and knock down their wickets. There was also a fine display of fielding with some stunning catches and run-outs. The final took place between 2 teams from SPIT: the second-year students of the IT department and the first-year students of the ETRX department, where ETRX emerged as the champion. There was a fine display of sportsmanship by every player thereby proving the phrase “Cricket is a gentlemen’s game.”

Ground Cricket

The traditional form of playing the sport on an open playground, how could ground cricket be missed from the sports celebrations? The event witnessed participation from many teams and support from a large number of spectators. An exciting semi-final took place between Rizvi college and MGM, where a target of 103 runs was chased Rizvi in just 12 overs. The most outstanding player of the tournament was Sarvesh Surve from VIT who scored 93 runs off just 60 balls.

Article by Samveg, Aditi and Rucha

Photography by Gaurav, Vaibhavi , Rounak and Shreya