World War 3

world war 3

    Seventy five years ago, the world bore witness to the most devastating event in history. A sequel to the First World War, the Second War induced terror in all souls alive, and still sends a chill down the spine of anyone who hears about it. Now, seventy five years after the horrors of the last international battle, the world stands on the brink of another World War. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Why is it happening?

There are many reasons a third world war might be just around the corner. With the exponential increase of weapon production, growing tension among countries and international disagreements, no country is falling behind in the race to become the GOAT.

Which countries are involved?

It being a world war, possibly the grandest, almost every country in the world will be directly or indirectly involved in and affected by it. The USA will likely play alpha and influence the Western world. Its recent attack on one of Iran’s most revered leaders has been looked upon as a ‘declaration of war’. The stand of the countries would decide the divide in the world.

Another long-standing issue is the India-Pakistan-China border skirmish. The Kashmir conflict has been around since the partition of India and Pakistan, and this could be one of the primary reasons for the partitioning of countries in South Asia. Russia, being a world leader, would also play a major role in the direction the war moves in. The North and South Korean dispute, the South China Sea dispute, the falling out of the European Union, the Syrian issue, and many other factors are contributing to pushing the War on the start line. One small misstep could mean the flagging off of the War.

What would be the consequences?

The second war was on a much grander scale than the first, one of the main reasons being the modernization of weapons. The third war could see the use of nuclear weapons on a global scale. Many countries have the means, and some of them have the motives. All it would take is an opportunity, and the consequences would be catastrophic. The destruction of life and property would be unprecedented, beyond anything the world has ever seen. The global economy would collapse, and setting the world right could take years. New alliances would be formed, and countries could be wiped out. The map of the world could change completely.

When will it happen?

Some say a War has already started. The wheels are in motion. The world is sitting on a time bomb. Setting off the wrong button could prove disastrous, and 2020 may well be the year humanity is scarred forever.

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