Convocation 2020

“The secret of success is to do the common thing uncommonly well” –

John D Rockefeller Junior

Graduation is perhaps the most crucial and memorable part of the journey of any student pursuing an academic degree. It marks the event of the student finishing his study and is a matter of huge fulfillment and satisfaction. To celebrate this event, Sardar Patel Institute of Technology held its convocation ceremony on the morning of the 18th of January. 

The students arrived adorned in white traditional attire. After registering at their respective department they were presented with a maroon stole with the college logo emblazoned on it. All the graduates along with their parents were then seated in the college quadrangle. 

“Your education is a dress rehearsal for life that is yours to lead” –

Nora Ephron

The event started off with Prof Udayan greeting all the people gathered for the ceremony and introduced the panel of esteemed chief guests present on the dais.

Panel of Guests

The ceremony began with an oath. It was then followed by the awarding of degrees to the graduating students. This was a proud moment, not only for the students who had toiled hard throughout but also for parents and professors who played a vital role in their success. 


Most importantly the convocation was a fulfilling moment for the institution for having taught a group of incredible engineers who would go on and contribute to the world outside in their own unique ways. The quadrangle echoed with applause as the class of 2019 cheered each other on.

Sharvita from EXTC spoke about the life changing journey that the college had become. She felt that the bonds and relationships she had formed over the years had become invincible.

A wave of nostalgia spread through the audience as they cherished their final memories as students of this wonderful institution. Beyond creating successful graduates, the institution had nurtured confident individuals with a strong set of principles to guide them through life.

By Husain Challawala, Saikrishna Muralidaran and Shashank Gupta

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