MOSTLY JEOPARDY! – Quiz type Game Show

MOSTLY JEOPARDY! as the name itself suggests, was an unlikely mixture of two very famous quiz type game shows, Jeopardy and University Challenge, organised by E-CELL SPIT. It was organised on 3rd and 4th April, 2021, and included the following genres – Music, Movies, Science, Word Origins, Sports, Video Games, and, of course, Memes. The event had normal rounds from Jeopardy with a few hidden bonus rounds from University Challenge, making the game even more exhilarating. This affair showed the wide scope of the organisational events conducted by E-CELL and how the committee not only organised entrepreneurship events but also fun events keeping our college life exciting.

The participating teams each had 3 members. There were sixteen teams participating and they were distributed into 4 slots, slots A, B, C, D, for the first round. Each slot was being hosted by four of the organisers from the E-Cell committee, Sumeet, Manthan, Tanya, and Fenil. The first and the second round consisted of two Kahoot quizzes for each slot, where 7 questions in each round were asked and the teams were given four options. This round gave 30 points to the team answering the questions correctly. The third round had pictorial questions. A picture was shown to the teams following which a question was asked. 15 seconds were allotted for each question, which when answered correctly gave the team 15 points. The fourth round was completely based on Jeopardy. The participants had to go for a question based on the answers given by the hosts. Taking the famous movie Inception as an example, the hosts had formed a sentence saying the director of Inception is famous for many other fictional movies, the answer to which was “Who is Christopher Nolan?”. The participants had 10 seconds per sentence for a question and were awarded 10 points for answering correctly.

The rounds got more intriguing and difficult when in the fifth round the teams had to answer all the questions correctly in order to gain any points. Each team was given six questions, the first letter of answers of each question forming a word which was the endgame. Each question was given 30 seconds and the teams were given 20 points. The sixth and the last round got all the more intense and the most difficult to figure out the answers to. A sentence was given which had three clues and the teams had to figure out an answer which was related to all three clues. One example is “Simba wore three stars in Gurgaon”. The answer to this question is Samsung since Simba actor Ranveer Singh is the Indian ambassador of Samsung, three stars basically represent Samsung and Gurgaon has the headquarters of Samsung.

The winner and the runner-up teams had their scores extremely close in the final round and the quiz was won by just one question. The winning teams were Tom’s Dick and Harry as first place holder, Scott’s Tots as runner-up and Terrific Trio as the second runner-up. The winning team was accorded with the prize of 4000 Rs and the intense and riveting MOSTLY JEOPARDY! ended on an enthusiastic note.

Sumeet, event coordinator of E-CELL.

Report by Dhruvi Sheth