The volleyball tournament was conducted on 20th march 2021 on the grounds of Sardar Patel Institute of Technology. A good amount of participation was seen in this event by the students of S.P.I.T. Six teams participated in this event who were further divided into two pools, A and B.
Service aces, assists, digs, blocks and skills. Each and every team was all pumped up for the day, to display their skills. The matches got more and more interesting as it approached towards the finals. On the other hand, the audience was no less attentive towards the game. Every hit was backed by applauses. Apart from the air pump getting misplaced and the ball getting stuck on the tree, the whole event was a smooth run.

To the finals were the two well deserving teams, SE IT qualifying from pool A and TE Comps from pool B, showcased a truly captivating match. The defence by the TE comps from the continues smashes from the SE IT was indeed impressive. The first two sets of the finals were really cut-throat, TE Comps won the first set and SE IT, the second. SE IT smashed the match set and won the tournament.

“Conducting this event amidst the news of lockdown was a task, the sports committee was uncertain about this event being conducted which even lead to postponement, it was the diligent efforts put up by the entire sports committee is what lead to this well constructed event ” -Mihir Nikam

Covered By: Nikita Joby (FE ETRX)


What is the one thing that unites the population of our country? Undoubtedly, the sport called cricket. The emotions that Indians put into this game cannot really be described in words. The ICC World Cup Final of 2011, Sachin Tendulkar’s last game etc. bear witness to the above words. Every loss is treated personally, so is every win celebrated like a personal achievement. Exactly a similar cricket tournament, full of nail-biting encounters by SPIT’s sports fest Spoorthi 2021

This tournament, which is usually held amongst all the colleges of Mumbai, was only restricted to the branches of SPIT, keeping in mind the norms set for COVID 19. Every branch, especially the freshers, were invited to the wonderful Sun Tech City turf of Goregaon West. The stage was set for experienced TEs, the talented SEs and the energetic FEs who had all come to claim the trophy of the cricket tournament. The qualification pools were set as follows:
The rules for qualifying to the next stage were as follows: Each team will play every team in their respective group. The top team from Group A and B will qualify and the top 2 teams from Group C.

The qualified teams will play a round robin to decide the ultimate winner.
Playing rules were everything related to underarm cricket with the batsman being declared out if the ball directly hit the turf top.
The matches started with Group B. After some enthralling matches, filled with jaw dropping deliveries, powerful sixes and some electric fielding, SE IT took the gold from this group.

Similarly from Group A, experienced powerhouses TE IT made short work of the energetic freshies EXTC and ETRX, who fought till the end.
In Group C, FE Comps triumphed over the others and joined the round robin.
Now came the intense play. The final round to declare the winner.
The clash between behemoths TE IT and SE IT was the most awaited. With high adrenaline rush, all eyes were glued on the pitch. Every ball was followed by gasps from the spectators. There were plenty of boundaries, sixes, athletic catches and some witty wickets. After an encounter, where both deserved to win, TE IT ultimately took the trophy after emerging victorious over both their final competitors, with SE IT coming close second.
The winning teams were later felicitated and their prizes distributed.
What matters in sport is the passion and dedication with which the sportsmen play. Winning or losing is a part and parcel of any game. This event showed how, despite showing aggression on the field, all the players ultimately appreciated each other’s efforts.
Congratulations to the Winners TE IT and runners up SE IT. A cheer for all those brilliant guys who gave their best that day, irrespective of whether they won or lost. Kudos!

Covered By: Guruprasad Parasnis (FE EXTC)


On the 27th of march an exhilarating and fun filled Intra college football tournament was organized by SPOORTHI at the Sunteck city Turf ,a 5 minute walk from the Ram Mandir railway station.
A total of eleven teams across all years and branches participated who went on to play in pools of four and three. The winners from each pool then battled it out for the coveted SPOORTHI football title. The matches commenced at 8 in the morning and what followed was an intense display of defenders, strikers and midfielders showing their mettle as each team vied for the glory of their respective branch. All the participants were made to follow the necessary COVID protocols while off the field and all were required to wear a mask outside the playing area.


“We had to pay keen attention to safety. We got there (venue) an hour before everyone with the required equipment (football, hand pump etc.) and ensured all safety measures were in place. The tournament was conducted with zeal and all teams gave it their best shot.”

Quoted Mihir Nikam who was a part of organizing and runner up team in the tournament.
The winners for the day after a gruelling competition were TE COMPS followed by SE IT in runners up position


Covered By: Kevin Xavier, Nikita Joby and Guruprasad Parasnis

Photography: Aniket Kudtarkar and Omkar Rane