SPoorthi 2022 Indoor

Table Tennis

Forehand and backhand hit, pushes, flicks, loops, spins, serves; agility, speed – Table Tennis conducted as part of Spoorthi 2022 witnessed all the mentioned skills and more! Table Tennis is an indoor sport that involves hitting a lightweight ball with wood rackets across a net and is played on a table. 

The sports event was held on March 2, 2022, at the S.P.I.T. Gymkhana. The event began at 11 AM and ended at 6 PM.

The competition was held separately for girls and boys. The stages of the competition were (boys): 

  1. Round of 16 – Two of these were held at different times. This round thus saw the participation of 32 players. 
  2. Quarter-finals: Four from each of the round of 16 qualified for the quarter-finals. 
  3. Semi-final: A total of four players were part of the semi-finals. 
  4. Final: The winners of the semi-final round played the finals.

After the tough competition in each match and the toughest competition in the final match, Table Tennis 2022 found its winners in Devam (boys) and Harshey (girls). Navneet Nair (boys) and Esha Khot (girls) were the runner-ups.

-Covered by Krushi


The annual sports fest “Spoothi” started with the inter-college badminton tournament on 24th February 2022. The event was held at Andheri Sports Complex. All the participants assembled at the venue at around 8:30 am and the matches started at 9:30 am sharp. A lot of participants, as well as spectators, were seen at the venue. Matches occurred in full swing and the crowd was seen cheering.

The badminton categories included men’s singles and doubles as well as women’s singles and doubles. Each participant had to reach 21 points to win the match. The average time of the matches was 7 to 15 minutes. Fouls like ‘contact fault’, ‘serve fault’, and ‘double hits’ gained the opponents a point. This made the game gripping and unpredictable. As time passed, matches started getting more competitive and interesting.

Towards the end, men’s singles were won by Pratik Kamble followed by Varun Nagdev as the runner whereas the winners for men’s doubles were Chirag Yogi and Sagar. In the women’s category, singles were won by Vidhi Vaidya followed by Devika as the runner up and doubles were won by Swarni Shah and Devika.

-Covered by Tisha and Nikita