Open Mic 2022

There couldn’t have been a better kick-off to the annual techno-cultural fest of SPIT. The Open Mic 2022, conducted on 24th March in the SPIT quadrangle was special in ways we’re still processing. The event … Continue reading Open Mic 2022

SPirit 2022

SPirit: The grandest competitive fiesta Bhavan’s campus has witnessed. The academic year of 2021-22 in SPIT saw a variety of introductions, first with the initiation of two new branches, and then with the establishment of … Continue reading SPirit 2022

SPoorthi 2022 Indoor

Table Tennis Forehand and backhand hit, pushes, flicks, loops, spins, serves; agility, speed – Table Tennis conducted as part of Spoorthi 2022 witnessed all the mentioned skills and more! Table Tennis is an indoor sport … Continue reading SPoorthi 2022 Indoor

Fresher’s Night 2022

Absolutely mind-boggling, insane and electrifying atmosphere is probably the best one-liner to describe the Fresher’s Night 2022.  To commemorate the first step of the FEs in the prestigious institute of S.P.I.T, the Students’ Council organized … Continue reading Fresher’s Night 2022