SPoorthi 2022 Outdoor 2


Fierce and competitive, yet played within the rules of the game, Spoorthi Cricket had everything this time around. Cricket returned to the Bhavan’s College ground after almost two years when 16 teams got involved in a tough fight within themselves in a Knockout Format on 27th February 2022.

This year, students were given the freedom to form a team of their own, comprising players from any branch into a single team. The teams were diversified from the energetic FEs to the experienced BEs, all wanting to give their best shot at cricketing glory. The matches were of 6 overs per innings and the entire tournament was played in a knockout format, which made the competition even close. The tournament saw some clean ball striking from the batters, some scintillating deliveries from the bowlers to rattle the furniture and some jaw-dropping fielding efforts by the fielders. Players got into verbal duals as well, making the game even more fiercely fought. Although at the end of the day, they capped off like true sportsmen by shaking hands after the game was over. The cherry on the top was the electrifying atmosphere created by the spectators, who cheered for their respective teams and celebrated every wicket or boundary with great enthusiasm. 

After some close games, TE ETRX emerged victorious against a strong BE COMPS team in a closely fought final. Although TE ETRX won, cricket was the actual winner. It was played to its full potential with very handsome participation from the students despite the constraints in their schedules.

Kudos to the S.P.I.T. Sports Committee for pulling off the entire tournament of SPOORTHI without any fallacies. 

-Covered by Heramb and Guruprasad


Among the plethora of sports that exist, there’s just the one that pops up when you Google, ‘The Beautiful Game’:Football. 

Playing a 11v11 football match on a full-size ground is a thrilling experience that can’t be put into words. The players have the freedom to make long passes and create spaces for the attackers to run into.

The organizing team of SPOORTHI conducted this year’s intra-college Football tournament at Bhavan’s ground on the 26th of February.

A total of 14 teams battled it out to win the esteemed tournament, which followed a knockout system. Two teams were given a “BYE” in their first round. It resembled a professional match, with three referees and the offside rule present. In case of a draw, the outcome of the match was decided by a nail-biting penalty shootout.

The fixtures began at 8 a.m. and as time passed, it became more competitive and heated like the scorching sun on a Saturday afternoon.

The audience experienced an expansive range of emotions during the matches. From cheering until your vocal cords give in, head in hands when the opposition takes the lead, to cheering again when your team levels the score!

Two well-deserving teams played in the finals: Shubham Shetty’s team of BE COMPS went on to win the tournament in an adrenaline-fueled final against Parth Bywar’s SE IT+TE EXTC team.

Parth Bywar’s team was leading 1-0 at halftime, thanks to a goal scored by Niranjan Bandhe and a great assist by Rahul Shukla. Shubham Shetty’s team turned the tables, owing to a 9-minute hattrick scored by Shubham Shetty which included an impeccable free-kick! 

-Covered by Karthik and Trisha


The Intra-college Kabaddi tournament was organized on the 03rd of March, 2022 at the SPIT Ground. A total of 6 teams from various branches participated in the competition. As per the League system format, the teams were further divided into 2 groups consisting of 3 teams each.

The tournament was conducted in total 6 rounds and a final match. The duration given for every match was 25 mins. Various techniques such as the “Do or Die” raid and “Super tackle” situations were observed during the game.

The spectators were astounded by looking at the great efforts put up by the players against their opponent teams. An enthusiastic chant of the words “Kabaddi, kabaddi” resonated from the crowd while cheering for the teams of their respective branches.

There was speculation on whether the finale was even going to be conducted towards the end. However, it became an intense match with SE ETRX securing first place and SE IT securing second place.

-Covered by Tisha and Dhruvi

Tug of War

The ultimate test and understanding of physical strength took place at the S.P.I.T. sports ground on March 22, 2022, in the form of Tug of War conducted by Spoorthi. Tug of War is an athletic contest between 2 teams at opposite ends of a rope, each trying to drag the other across a centerline.

The highly competitive and adrenaline-inducing sports event began at 3:20 PM and saw the participation of 10 teams. The teams compulsorily needed to have two female members to encourage their participation. Some had both first and second-year students and consisted of students from different branches. Each team had to go through four tests based on which four teams qualified for the semi-finals. The semi-finals saw some gut-wrenching battles between the fierce teams. Two of them reached the finals.

Despite being sweaty, tired, and having bruised hands because of the previous matches, the two finalists, SE IT and SE ETRX, battled with all their might in the finals for which the teams deserve great applause! The energetic cheers from the spectators further motivated the teams. SE IT emerged as the winner after a close competition. The highlight of the event was winning one of the first matches within merely 15 seconds!

Tug of War 2022 proved to be an exemplary show of strength and tolerance of the SPIT students!

-Covered by Rupali and Krushi