Tech Trends 2019

In today’s rapidly modernising world, technology is assisting us in innumerable ways to create sustainable futures with enhanced degrees of comfort. Here’s presenting some innovations which took the world by storm in the past year: … Continue reading Tech Trends 2019

Monsoon treks 2019

Treks are organized at the beginning of every academic year at S.P.I.T. They’re the perfect getaway during monsoons and an effective icebreaker for the newest members of our college. Here’s how the various committees initiated … Continue reading Monsoon treks 2019

AYNTKA-Area 51

The internet witnesses something going viral every day, but the one event that caught the eye of meme-makers was definitely ‘Storm Area 51’. So what exactly is Area 51? Area 51 is a United States … Continue reading AYNTKA-Area 51